The Genius Behind Neurogenius

Dr Shawn Watson, Neuroscientist. PHD

The Genius Behind Procera's Breakthrough Brain Health Supplement – NeuroGenius

Dr. Watson—a renowned neuroscientist for his molecular level research, focuses on therapeutics that target the overall process of natural brain aging, with the goal of slowing it down & preventing its transition into more serious brain health issues.

A Widespread Health Problem:

The brain is made up of about 70% fat and billions of neurons, most of which
were created before the age of 25. After that, very few neurons by comparison,
are produced. So, it’s important we take care of the neurons in our brain.
The fats found in your brain are important, which is why doctors recommend
people of all ages take Omega-3’s. New research shows that as we age, these
essential fatty acids in your brain are under constant attack due to a lifetime of
stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and normal aging. If not addressed proactively,
this can lead to a host of different health problems, such as toxin build-up and
inflammation, causing every day brain issues such as memory loss, slowed
reaction time, and poor decision making.

The Solution: Procera NeuroGenius
The Brain has a natural repair cycle and with the help of NeuroGenius, the essential fats can be constantly repaired and restored. NeuroGenius is a breakthrough, multi-targeted solution that helps shore up (strengthen) the fat repair cycle, resulting in an average improvement of up to 25% in key cognitive functions. 
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