5 Helpful Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy

A brain that is healthy, well protected, and performs optimally is dependent on foods and supplements that achieve the following: 

   1. Maintain Glucose Levels 
   2. Promote blood supply and flow to the brain 
   3. Build and protect cell membranes and structures 
   4. Improves the functionality of neurons 
   5. Provide protection against oxidation and inflammation 


In addition to eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, it is important that you supplement with key nutrients to nourish your brain.  Procera’s line of brain health products have been specifically designed to support all five areas. There is no better time than now to protect and feed your brain: 


1. Maintain Glucose Levels 

As with other cells in the body, brain cells require a form of sugar called glucose to support cellular function. Because the brain is metabolically active and lacks storage for fuel, it requires a constant supply of glucose (see #2 Blood Supply) to meet its energy needs and perform critical functions such as transmitting nerve impulses and synthesizing neurotransmitters. Glucose is derived from complex carbohydrates that contain both fiber and starch, which means they are digested slowly, keeping blood sugar levels constant. 


2. Promote Blood Supply and Flow to the Brain 

Of particular relevance to the brain’s memory function is the constant flow of oxygen and nutrients into the brain. The brain depends on the heart’s carotid arteries to obtain the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood that it needs to sustain its high rate of metabolic activity. The carotid arteries emerge from the aorta and carry blood through the neck into the brain where they branch and diverge into many smaller capillaries, which facilitate circulation across various brain regions. If these blood vessels begin to weaken, cognition suffers. There is much evidence in peer reviewed literature of the correlation between vascular (heart) health and cognitive function. It is therefore critical to choose foods & supplements that increase circulation and promote blood flow to the brain.   

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3. Build and Protect Cell Membranes and Structures 

The health of your brain’s cell membranes plays a role in the rate at which you age and how well your brain works. Cell membranes control the movement of substances in and out of cells. They are composed mostly of fatty acids that are held together by phospholipids. Phospholipids align and integrate fatty acids into the cell membrane so that they are not just blobs of fat. They are responsible for a cell’s elasticity, fluidity, & electrical potential, allowing other compounds and nutrients to move in and out of the cell in a healthy way. Cell membranes are active in numerous processes, including those outside the cell. 

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4. Improves Functionality of Neurons 

The human brain is composed of roughly 86 billion neurons. These cells communicate with each other via chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. Scientists have found just over a hundred of these communicating chemicals, but it is believed that ultimately thousands will one day be discovered. Neurotransmitters regulate a number of key healthy functions, including mood, cravings, addictions, energy, libido, and sleep . . . to name just a few! They also control our ability to focus, to concentrate, to learn, to remember, and to handle stress. It is estimated that 86% of Americans have suboptimal neurotransmitter levels. Our unhealthy lifestyle is largely to blame. Chronic stress, poor diet, environmental toxins, drugs (recreational and prescription), alcohol abuse, nicotine, and excessive caffeine can cause neurotransmitter depletion. If you are suffering from a mood imbalance or cognitive fatigue and memory lapses, your neurotransmitter levels may be low. 

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5. Provide Protection Against Oxidation & Inflammation 

Metabolically active, highly sensitive and more prone to inflammation as we age, the brain takes the brunt of the toxic burden in our lives. Although the blood/ brain barrier protects us from some of these toxins, many get through, and many stay housed within our organs for decades. Some of the toxins most dangerous to the brain include Bisphenol F, mercury, cadmium, lead, benzene, pesticides, phthalates, excess alcohol, and chronic stress. Our body very capably extracts and processes vitamins and minerals from our foods, and then removes what we don’t need as waste. Toxins— particularly heavy metals—are a different story. Our bodies simply weren’t designed to accommodate them, so they do not pass through the system easily. Toxicity from heavy metals, in particular, has widespread implications for both body and brain. 

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