The Brain Health Pioneer

Dr. Keith Wesnes P.h.D

Dr. Keith Wesnes, P.h.D. and his team of researchers have partnered with Procera to develop and test naturally based brain health products. Dr. Wesnes has held academic positions at Northumbria University, Swinburne University of Technology and University of Exeter. He also founded two computerized cognitive test companies: Cognitive Drug Research Ltd (CDR System) and Wesnes Cognition Ltd (CogTrack) and was instrumental in the product development and clinical research of the Procera product line.

Cognitive Drug Research (CDR) System
Developed by Dr. Keith Wesnes P.h.D., the CDR System has become the industry standard for the assessment of cognitive function in clinical trials for the past 20 years.The CDR assesses improvements and impairments in cognitive function and has been used in over 1,300 clinical trials, featured in hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers, conference presentations and review articles. The system is comprised of nine computer tests including attention, information processing, working memory and episodic memory. These tests measure ones cognitive
 abilities. The CDR System was used in the clinical testing of our flagship product, Procera AVH and numerous other ingredient and formulas used in Procera’s brain health products.


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